greater love international fellowship

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​​​​Pastor Sylvester, Evangelist Symmie and Syviah

"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends."

John 15:13 KJV​​​

Greater Love International Fellowship (GLIF) is a non-denominational church community led by Senior Pastor Sylvester Mitchell, Jr. He is established as a "Gentleman" in the Gospel; kind, passionate and patient. Pastor Syl is known for his sincere and practical approach by engaging people from all walks of life with the Word of God.

Pastor Syl's ministry starts at home. He is a provider, counselor and best friend to his wife, Evangelist Symmie, and a loving father to their daughter, Syviah.

This man of God prefers to be known by his integral character and his love for people, instead of his title. He is authentic, honest, and humble; serving, visiting and praying when eyes are not present to see his works. 

Lady Symmie is an anointed evangelist and prophet. This salt of the earth [real] woman of God uses her comedic talent to bring healing to hurting souls. Life offers an array of emotions…and not all of it is funny. During challenging situations, Evangelist Symmie looks through the lens of humor and the Word of God to help others find light and hope. She is a loving, praying and supportive best friend to her husband, Pastor Sylvester, and caring mother to their gifted daughter, Syviah.

It is the Mitchell's desire to serve and strengthen people until they are Restored and Victorious. Are you ready for a Greater Love? Do you need a Greater Love?

Greater Love International Fellowship (GLIF) is A Place Where You Fit!​​

Greater LOVE, Greater You, Greater World

The Mitchell Family