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​Love this church, the real meaning of family. Thankful for pastor syl and first lady.

K Rafiki Carter

Everyone is so welcoming and very uplifting. When you walk in you are family, not some random stranger off the street. They will have you feeling like you are part of the growing family they have. I loved every moment of the night and will be back again and again and again!!!!!

Shatovya Jackson

This ministry is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! It exudes the true characteristic of a Servant's Heart. The Pastor and First Lady are the epitome of Servant Leaders; and their congregation is a direct reflection of their heart for the Kingdom. I truly enjoyed myself. May God expand the curtains of your tents; may favor and enduring riches rest with every family at this ministry. May Greater Love International Fellowship grow mightily in grace and statue. May you all be a blazing beacon of Light in this world. North Las Vegas is already BETTER because of Greater Love International Fellowship. God continually bless and shine His Grace on you. Love you!

Tam Woo

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